Unity Wellness Center is pleased to offer the link+care program to our community. The link+care program is dedicated to linking HIV positive individuals to medical care. The program focuses on newly diagnosed patients, patients who have never received HIV treatment, and patients who have been out of medical care for more than one year. UWC will be using the CDC evidence based program called Anti-Retroviral Treatment and Access to Services (ARTAS) as the foundation for the link+care program.

The patient will work with their Linkage Coordinator to overcome any barriers they may face when accessing medical care. The Linkage Coordinator works within a strengths based approach to help the client identify their strengths and use those strengths to identify and pursue their own goals. The Linkage Coordinator is available to meet with the patient in the community in order to lessen the burden on the patient.

The program is time limited, and after the patient links to care, they will be transferred to a long term Ryan White Social Worker. Please call the “link+care” staff if you have an HIV+ individual requesting assistance in accessing medical and supportive services.

Staff members from the link+care program are also available to perform onsite rapid HIV antibody testing and make appropriate referrals, as well as HIV education presentations.

It is more than a motto!
It is a formula for beating HIV and AIDS.

KNOW Your Status!
MANAGE Your Disease!
LIVE Your Life to the Best of Your Ability!

Unity Wellness Center
"link+care" staff

Tracy Wynne
Linkage Supervisor
334-749-3593 ext 205

Jessie Schwiesow
Linkage Coordinator
334-749-3593 ext 203

Kimberly Tarver-Floyd
Outreach Testing Coordinator
334-749-3593 ext 207

This project is funded by Alabama Department of Public Health through a grant from CDC.